A retrospective digital album release bringing together what I consider to be my best recordings over two decades. Hope you enjoy.

.Here Comes Jack

A Man Trapped a Jar

Where the Crow Flies

Great White Whale

A Pocket Full of Secrets

Beneath the Weather

Aunt Peggy Went to Nashville

Great North Road

Glamour in the Lights

We've Got Satellites

A Chain for Anna

A Hat is a Hat

Me a Car the Road the Moon


Vannishing Point


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Recorded over two weeks in April 2014, Firecracker Days is an album of mainly narrative songs, steeped in time, place and memory.

A drifter drops his bags in an English fishing village in the early 1990s and embarks on an ultimately doomed affair. ‘Rodders and wreckers’ ply their trade on the Essex banger racing circuit. A young man sees a tantalising glimpse of Barcelona and a possible future just as the shine comes off a long-distance relationship. A soldier returns to camp after a seven day bender. The streets of London come to life for a newcomer to the city as he writes his own story. An artist’s model ponders immortality and anonymity. It’s an album of characters and unreliable narrators, all with a story to tell.

Musically the focus is on deft guitar and vocal performance as Trevor continues his exploration of the folk songwriters and musicians who inspired him as a teenager.



The Running Tide

Firecracker Day

If Ever You Should Happen

Barcelona Shoes

Boomtown Days

Pentonville Road

A Soldier’s Pay

Even Mona Lisa Gets the Blues

A Song Muddy Sang

Firecracker Waltz



All songs by Trevor Clawson


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